‘Rashford’ hurried to renew the contract in return for the spirit of Man Utd

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Football guru Simon Jordan says Marcus Rashford should repay Manchester United by signing a new contract. After the club took care of him when he did not perform well enough

Good-blooded football has done a great job this season. After scoring 24 goals and providing eight assists in 36 appearances, Rashford

is entering the final 18 months of his contract at Old Trafford. With Erik ten Hag admitting keeping the 25-year-old a priority for them, Jordan said

Rashford should be quick to accept a contract from United in return for the club that have looked after him. Even when the performance is not good enough

“If he stays honest, which is a non-existent word in football, then he should sign a new contract with Manchester United because the club has held him up for 18 months,” he told UFABET.

“He hasn’t done anything in the past 18 months. You can blame the Man Utd manager for what I did because I think Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is laughable. From the way he dealt with those players. He created a culture where the club became the party to beg them to play. Not vice versa ′′ ′

′ He came back from the Euro kick. and decided that he wanted to take a vacation before having surgery For me, it’s too annoying to imagine. Because he should come back, undergo surgery. And prepare for Manchester United, not go on vacation and then come back for surgery ′′

The point is that he doesn’t come back and United can’t do anything. There’s no way you’re going to give him a contract considering last year’s performance ′′

Now you’re in a situation where time is running out. You enter your final 18 months and want to give him a new contract. He’s in an advantageous position.”

“It has to be balanced. If he is a product of Manchester United’s academy and understands that the opportunity is given and care over the past 18 months. He will sign a new contract, earn more wages. “That’s what he should do. Manchester United

are coming back, now they have a coach who seems to understand the approach of Manchester United.” “Rashford

and His talks should be concluded as soon as possible. But it would cost a lot of money. He did 18 months of underpaid work, then 6 months worth of work, and he received a pay rise. This is financial anomaly in football.