“Rafa” lays the foundation of the king before “Zidane”

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Rafa Benitez sees him as the foundation for Real Madrid before Zinedine Zidane guided the team to Champions League glory

. “White King” in the 2015/16 season, but he only managed the army for half a season. Before being sacked in January,

Zidane took over from Benitez, leading the team to a Champions League trophy at the end of that season. which the bull blood consultant thinks He was the one who laid the foundation for that success.

“When we left We qualified for the Champions League,” Benitez told UFABET

. “To be eliminated in the cups was an administrative mistake, and in La Liga we were two points behind Barcelona with few games. more than one game, but then Madrid were left behind by 12 points in two months.

“It could be said that Madrid took advantage of our very good team. And in the end they won the Champions League, which worked. We were missing a striker who wasn’t signed at the time, so the performance I did then was better than people thought.

But logically it’s not very satisfying. ” G and Lucas Vazquez are clearly very good results. Because they created a balance for the team at that time, Madrid still lacked a striker. which I asked to sign But it was seen as unnecessary when Benzema was not available. We don’t have anyone ′

′ At that time, the team had a good physical condition. And we have data to support that. When you leave a team that performs well… We also have a record in a 8-0 win over Malmo in the Champions League. I also have information about Liverpool against Besiktas…

“We beat Rayo Vallecano 10-2, it wasn’t all bad. But the election is approaching. And you can’t make a mistake, besides (Iker) Casillas leaves, Sergio Ramos wants to leave, Cristiano Ronaldo is not happy… There were a lot of problems that were perceived because we were there

. in the second half of the season Overall it is good for Real Madrid and my team.