O’Hara advises Singh to release ‘Potter’-Pulling ‘Tuchel’ to return

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Former Tottenham Hotspur forward Jamie O’Hara believes Chelsea should sack Graham Potter and bring Thomas Tuchel back in

. Replaced Tuchel, who was sacked in September last year, but Potter has

led Chelsea to only one win in 10 of their last 10 games, or three so far. After 15 appearances, which is the team’s worst record since 1995,

O’Hara considers Potter unfit for the role and Chelsea should be quick to sack him and bring Tuchel back in.

“Two things I’m going to do are First, I’ll draw a deadline and say, ‘You’ve got three games to handle that,'” he told UFABET Breakfast hosted with Stuart Pearce.

“You have to do more on the sidelines. I know that may not be Graham Potter style, but his interview goes something like, ‘Everything is ok. we do this We did that.’”

“He had to be more aggressive. I don’t know if he can do it, but I know Stuart can. I know he can be calm and relaxed, but I had Stuart as a manager. And I can say that I’m terrified when we lose ′′

I don’t know if Graham Potter is afraid of these players, I don’t know if the players are afraid of him, if they lose, they would think. ‘He’s not going to be angry.

‘ “If the performance does not change I would have fired him before it was too late. You see QPR sack their manager, Southampton sack their manager and why can’t Chelsea do that?

“Is this because it’s Graham Potter that they pulled in themselves? You have to fire him if it doesn’t work. Chase him out! This is the Premier League He can already find a new job. because he is a top level coach It doesn’t work, pull someone else instead, bring Tuchel back!”