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8 dangerous signs of risk of heart disease

Heart palpitations, chest tight, tight to the point of being unable to breathe. from heart disease It is a symptom that cannot be noticed from the outside. And it is impossible to predict when or how often it will occur. Many times when traveling to see a doctor Often show

8 ways to prevent RSV respiratory infections

Now, everywhere you turn, there are people infected with the RSV virus, especially young children. and the elderly What is this disease like? Is it more dangerous than the common cold? And what are the ways to prevent it? Sanook! Health has an answer from the Department of Disease

5 delicious foods Helps nourish the lungs to be healthy.

Today, it cannot be denied that We breathe a lot of air pollution. Whether it’s car fumes, dust, cigarette smoke, or a lot of dust around you. causing our lungs to work harder to filter out the waste The more pollution we get, the harder our lungs work. So let’s maintain

Paracetamol and alcohol, a dangerous ingredient that you may not

Paracetamol is an over-the-counter drug. Used to relieve fever and pain. Paracetamol is an ingredient in many painkillers and cough syrups. Paracetamol is considered very safe. If used as directed, but with paracetamol and alcohol, paracetamol can be dangerous in ways you might not expect. Paracetamol with alcohol Although

 How should I prepare for the Vegetarian Festival?

Vegetarian Festival 2023  falls on October 15-23, a total of 9 days, some of you may wash your stomach at dinner on October 14, a total of 10 days, which we come to understand about vegetarianism. The meaning of the word “vegetarian” and why we have to eat vegetarian What

What’s the difference? What can vegetarians eat and not?

The most popular question that everyone newbie learning to eat vegetarian has to ask is vegetarian and vegan. What’s the difference? Because a vegetarian diet is also a meatless diet. But vegetarians can eat almost all kinds of vegetables. Can that food be eaten? Can this be eaten? Why? We gathered information that