What’s the difference? What can vegetarians eat and not?

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The most popular question that everyone newbie learning to eat vegetarian has to ask is vegetarian and vegan. What’s the differenceBecause a vegetarian diet is also a meatless diet. But vegetarians can eat almost all kinds of vegetables. Can that food be eaten? Can this be eaten? Why? We gathered information that people are curious about. ยูฟ่าเบท

eat vegetarian and eat mango What’s the difference?

The Royal Institute Dictionary, 1999, explains ” J ” means food that does not contain meat. And some vegetables such as garlic, chives, coriander. The vegetarian dictionary, 1999 edition, explains that means abstaining from eating meat. A diet without meat, only vegetables is called a vegetarian diet.  

What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan? Explained for easy understanding as follows:

  1. Vegetarians can eat all types of vegetables. Except for 5 kinds of pungent vegetables such as onions, garlic, chives, chives, coriander. Vegetarians can eat all kinds of vegetables without restrictions.
  2. Vegetarians cannot drink fresh milk or condensed milk. Vegetarians can drink fresh milk or condensed milk.
  3. Vegetarians cannot eat eggs. Because it is consider that if waiting for the incubation period. The eggs will hatch, so eating eggs is equivalent to eating meat indirectly For vegetarians, eggs can be eaten. Because the eggs that are commonly consume are unfertilized eggs.
  4. those who eat vegetarian In addition to not eating meat and some pungent odorous vegetables also have to observe the Buddhist precepts (the 8 precepts) together If you don’t observe the Buddhist precepts, you can’t call it vegetarian. Eat vegetarian or eat vegetables only.

What can vegetarians eat?

  • Coffee, tea, without milk, butter or creamer
  • vitamin supplement tablets without animal extracts
  • Crunchy snacks that do not contain animal ingredients.
  • Pepper is an herb (but if you feel that it has a pungent smell can be avoide)
  • bread (which is vegetarian bread or does not contain milk)
  • Mama or instant noodles (Vegetarian formula only)