How should I prepare for the Vegetarian Festival?

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Vegetarian Festival 2023  falls on October 15-23, a total of 9 days, some of you may wash your stomach at dinner on October 14, a total of 10 days, which we come to understand about vegetarianism. The meaning of the word “vegetarian” and why we have to eat vegetarian What do you get after eating vegetarian food? During the Vegetarian Festival what not to eat What can I eat? Let’s find out.

Meaning of “J”

The word ” Jay “ in Buddhist Chinese means the “Ubosot or the observance of the 8 precepts” of Mahayana Buddhism. to maintain the precepts Do not consume anything after noon according to the 8 precepts and do not consume meat. in order not to harm living beings Later, people who do not eat meat are referred to as ” vegetarian ” as well. Still, vegetarianism is not just about refraining from meat, food and condiments that contain meat. but also includes the precepts Behave as a good person in body, speech and mind. 

What date does the 2023 Vegetarian Festival start?

During the annual vegetarian festival It corresponds to the 1st day of the waxing moon to the 9th day of the 9th lunar month according to the Chinese calendar, corresponding to the 11th month or October of Thailand. according to the international calendar Total time 9 days 9 nights

Vegetarian Festival 2023 starts from October 15-23, 2023, a total of 9 days. Some of you may wash your stomach from October 14 at dinner, a total of 10 days. You can do it. ยููฟ่าเบท

Why do we have to eat vegetarian?

  1. Vegetarians food for better health because vegetarian food is one of the homeopathic foods. Helps to balance the body’s condition detoxify the body Including helping to strengthen the body and work more efficiently. because the Chinese believe Meat is “yin” and fruits and vegetables are “yang”. People tend to eat more meat than vegetables and fruits by nature. Abstaining from meat is therefore a more balanced yin and yang.
  2. Eat vegetarians food to make merit , to purify the mind. do not disturb the animal world make our minds more clear When we know what we do is good. It will result in a joyful, happier mind.
  3. Eat vegetarians to abstain from karma arising from the slaughter of living beings or even hiring to kill for consumption If we know that refraining from consuming meat It saves the lives of thousands and tens of thousands of animals. We will help reduce our karma even more.

Why do you need to wash your stomach?

stomach lavage means Start eating vegetarians food 1-2 days before the actual start of the festival so that the body can gradually adjust and become more familiar with vegetarianism.